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12 Eat Fat Get Fit: The Alpha Lifestyle Challenge

Cardiovascular disease is Australia’s number one killer. Over 33% of all deaths are attributed to this ‘lifestyle’ disease. Research has shown that ‘diet’ and low fat products are worth billions of dollars to the Australian economy and statins (cholesterol lowering medication) are the most prescribed drug in the country. If this is the case we shouldn’t be seeing such high numbers of fat and cholesterol associated diseases unless fat and cholesterol aren’t the problem. Eat Fat Get Fit looks at a range of hot topics that will certainly leave readers absolutely shocked over how the health authorities could have it so wrong. This book covers:

  • why excluding saturated fats from the diet was possibly the greatest ever nutritional mistake
  • how processed carbohydrate and polyunsaturated oils have created many of our diseased states
  • why cholesterol is a vital substance needed by every cell of our body
  • how the increase in many of the diseases of the 20th century closely correlate to the introduction of the modern diet
  • an introductory exercise program that can be followed at home or in the gym.

Eat Fat Get Fit puts the power back into the everyday person’s hands. People are not stupid, lazy and weak; they’re just being given the wrong information. We think it’s time to take back our lives and our health!

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